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Made from 100% Loureiro grapes, it expresses delicate, fresh and floral aromas with a light, citrus and appley touch.


The palate is aromatic and harmonious, full bodied with a nutty bite. Long and linear finish with a very pleasant and refreshing acidity.


Founded in 1959, Ponte de Lima is situated in the ancient town of Ponte de Lima, Portugal’s oldest town. It represents around 2000 growers, making it one of the major contenders for the increasingly fashionable Vinho Verde within the area. Among white wines, the Loureiro variety is of particular importance due to its magnificent adaptation to the terroir of the Lima valley, making wines highly appreciated for their freshness.


Skinny Wine Rating: 81 cal per 125ml

Ponte de Lima Vinho Verde, Loureiro. Portugal

  • ABV 11%
    Grape Loureiro
    Region Vinho Verde


    Vegetarian Yes
    Vegan No
    Allergies Sulphites