Exclusive Only To Foxy Wine

Foxy has selected just some of his favourites for you to savour and enjoy.

2 x Pinot Grigio, Vino Pomona. Italy

1 x Chardonnay Organic, Finca Fabian. Spain

1 x Sauvignon Blanc, Otra Tierra. Chile

1 x Chardonnay, Barton & Guestier. France

2 x Merlot, Monsier Paradis. France

1 x Malbec, The Brand. Chile

1 x Bistro Chic, Red Blend. France

1 x Parlez Vois, Pinot Noir. France

2 x Wildwood, Zinfandel Rose. USA


Foxy's Favourites Mixed Selection - 12 Bottles