Why We Say No To The £5 Bottle

Since launching Foxy Wine earlier this year, we have been asked by a number of friends, family and even potential customers why don't we stock the lower priced wines that you see in the supermarkets?

Well we would love too! as we love a bargain like everyone else. But their is one big problem with that idea? There is no or very little actual wine in a £5 bottle.

What do we mean I hear you ask, "Its full to the brim of juicy red stuff". Well when you actually consider the costs incurred by the wine producer it is really an exceptional feat that they can afford the actual cork to put in a £5 bottle. When you consider VAT and Excise Duty equates to £3.06 (61%) of the cost on each bottle. Then add on the cost of logistics, packaging and a very, very skinny margin this leaves a massive 31p for actual wine in the bottle.

As you can see depicted in the table below, its not until you get above the £7.5 range do you start getting real value for money.

We are not saying £5 for a bottle of wine won't taste good. But is it really good value? Is it really good quality? With wine as always your the best judge. Happy shopping.

The Foxy Wine brand was created to ensure fantastic customer satisfaction from our exclusive great tasting, quality wines. Produced by some of the best wine makers in the world.


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