Foxy's Christmas Guide

Wondering which wines to serve on Christmas Day? Then let the experts at Foxy Wine be your guide.

Our vision at Foxy Wine is to ensure our customers gain access to only the best tasting, quality wines at a price that fits all household budgets, without the need to enter a lengthy subscription or wait for special offers. The company was created by North East businessman Steve Johnson, who has the passion and desire to create a great value alternative within the online wine market. Steve says, “We want to attract new people to wine, as well as share our fantastic selection with existing wine lovers in the North-East. The Foxy brand allows us to reach out to those people who would not normally consider buying wine online and provide them with a fantastic experience at a great price.”

Christmas time is a very special part of the Foxy Wine year. Not only do we get the chance to share our great tasting wines with more customers, but we like to think we give them something special for their Christmas Day.

This year has been extra hard for a lot of people and that’s why we believe it is so important to make this Christmas extra special for you and your loved ones. As the Christmas lunch is the pinnacle of the day for most families, the Foxy Wine team would like to provide you with some great wine ideas for celebrating in style.


For this type of occasion only something sparkling will do, either on its own or with freshly squeezed orange juice to make the perfect Bucks Fizz! For the traditional option of Champagne, we have a great offering of French, Jacques Bardelot, Brut Champagne priced at £26 per bottle. Or, alternatively, the modern offering of our Organic Prosecco DOC, Era from the Veneto region of Italy at £13.95 a bottle.

Meal Preparation Time

Tell Alexa to put on your favourite old Christmas songs and really get things started. To keep you merry while making all the preparations you can either top up on Champagne/Bucks Fizz or cheekily move on to a crisp glass of white wine just to keep you going.

A great light-tasting white wine is ideal for this time. Can we suggest Archivio – Pecorino, from Italy, at £11.50 bottle? This classic has medium acidity with melon, pear and white peach notes.


When pairing wines for the Christmas feast there are a number of key factors you need to consider, such as selection of meats, number of courses, guest preferences etc. To make it easier, especially if you have a significant number of guests joining you, you need to take the cautious option of both red and white. Here’s some Foxy fantastic options for you to try:

Main Course

As the traditional turkey can be a relatively dry meat, we suggest a wine with both high acidity and fruity undertones. Chardonnay is an ideal white wine selection, as is the red Pinot Noir. Our choice would be the Barton & Guestier – Chardonnay, £10.95 a bottle. This wine is vegan-friendly and has aromas of pear and quince. We can also suggest an alternative to Chardonnay with one of our new listings, the Domaine Chateau D’Eau – Organic Viognier – France, at the offer price of £11.50 a bottle. This has notes of lychee, peach, and apricot. For red, we have Vistamar Sepia – Pinot Noir – Chilli, at £10.50 a bottle. This vegan-friendly wine is a bright ruby red with expressive aromas of fresh raspberries and cherries, intertwined with notes of caramel and chocolate. If you prefer something a little heavier and more full-bodied, try the Plantaferro – Primitivo, from Puglia – Italy, £10.50 a bottle. This deep purple red has ripe fruity notes of plum and blackcurrant jam.


You may wish to change it up a little to a heavier wine, depending on the dessert or cheese board selection. In this case we suggest you can’t go wrong with a vintage port. However, if you wish to remain on wine, the red Marionette Monastrell – Syrah, from Spain, is a great choice. It’s aged for three months in American oak, making it an intense, smooth structure of fruit and spice, £12.50 bottle. The white Organic Giesen – Sauvignon Blanc, from New Zealand, can be a bit of showstopper with its kiwi undertone flavour, £15.75 bottle.

To make it easier this year we have a selection of special Foxy Christmas Wine cases to get you all prepared for the big day, as well as some fantastic gift ideas. For all your wine, Champagne and Prosecco needs, don’t forget to visit our online store and subscribe to receive our great offers. Whatever your wine choices this year, we at Foxy Wine wish you a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year.

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